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Welcome to the Box of Rocks server wiki
Server IP:

About Box of Rocks

Box of Rocks is a Minecraft 1.16 server started the 20th of June 2016 that includes well known and custom plugins.
Server Features include Free Fly, Sleep Voting, Elevators, McMMO, GriefPrevention, Auctions, Quests, Loot Keys, Discord, and Mining Worlds.
Whatever your gaming style we welcome you in becoming part of the community!

Server IP:

Getting Started

Suggestions to getting started to familiarize yourself with some of the basic features on the Box Of Rocks.

  • Loot the Daily Reward chest located at spawn.
  • Use the /help for the Main Menu.
  • Join a job. Do /help - select Jobs
  • Start a quest. Questors are at spawn. Click one of the non-staff NPC's
  • Use /rtp to random teleport on the map and find a spot to call home.
  • Once you find a place to call home. Create a claim by placing down a chest. Create a homeset with /sethome <name>.
  • Use /warp - select Mining World to gather resources.
  • Get yourself a building and farming kit. /help - select kits
  • Join Discord. /discord
  • Go to the website for all server information and a wiki. Box of Rocks



Discord channel information, features, and commands


Event Information and schedules


Quick view to many frequently asked questions


Server Features like Free fly and Spawners


Plugins and commands


In-game, donator, and staff rank information


Rules for Vanilla, Modded, and Discord Servers


Active worlds on the Box of Rocks