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Quick overview to many frequently asked questions:

Building, Mining and Collecting

Is griefing allowed on this server?

No, griefing is a bannable offense!


You MUST claim your build! Grief Cannot happen otherwise. Appropriate action will be taken on the griefer however the state of your build after the grief took place is entirely on you.
For more information on Grief Prevention click here. GriefPrevention

Where can I build?

Anywhere in the world, nether, and end, that allows you to place blocks.
Do not build too close to other players' claim.

Where can I mine?

Inside the MiningWorld and the MiningNetherWorld. These worlds are reset monthly.

Box Dollars

What Currencies does the server use?
  • Box Dollars - The main in-game currency.
  • VotePoints - The secondary in-game currency.
  • JobPoints - The third in-game currency.
What do I do with Box Dollars?

You can purchase things using player Shop, bidding on auctions. You can also send players money by using /pay. You can use VotingPoints using votegui. You can use JobPoints using jobs shop or access from the help menu.

What are Votepoints?

VotePoints is a currency you can obtain by voting for Box of Rocks on the 7 websites viewable by using /vote. You get 1 VotePoint per website. Click here for more information on voting

What are Jobpoints?

JobPoints is a currency you can obtain by using /jobs join. You get jobpoints while leveling up the job you are in.
Click here for more information on jobs

How do I view my VotePoints?
  • /help and then select voting and hover over vote shop.
How often can I vote?

Most Voting sites have a cooldown of 24 hours per IP address and account meaning you can vote on each of the 5 sites once every 24 hours. 2 sites - TopG and ServerPact had a cooldown of 12 hours. Click here for more information on voting

What do I do with VotePoints?

VotePoints can be used to purchase items /help select voting and then select vote shop. You can purchase Claim blocks, Diamonds, Deep Storage Chests, and much more to come! Click here for more information on voting


Where are the shops?

  • You can access player-made shops by using /warp select Shopping District and Grotto to teleport to the shopping district.
  • You can view what is for sale, how much and quantities available by using /shop.

How do I make a shop?

You first need to place a sign on a chest. On the first line type [Shop], 2nd line the qty you are selling, 3rd line the price. You then need to hit the sign with the item you wish to sell. Click here for more information on shops

How much should I sell stuff for?

Visit player shops to get a good idea for what to sell your items for.

But no one is selling my items

If that's the case, then take a wild shot at how much you think your item is worth! People might just buy it and start selling around your price if they ever get any spares!

How do I get people to come to my shop?

First off, keep your shop well stocked. If someone is looking for a particular item in chat let them know you sell it at your shop.

Someone is selling lower than me, what do I do?

Do what you want to do. Sell lower or buy all of their stock and sell it.

I don't want money, I want to trade items... How?

You can also setup your chest shop as a barter chest. On the first line type [Shop], 2nd line the qty you are selling, 3rd line the qty you are trading for, 4th line type [barter]. You then need to hit the sign with the item you wish to sell, then hit the sign again with the item you are trading/bartering for.


Who is a staff member?

Click here to view the Staff Team!

How do I become a staff member?

How do I apply for Staff? If you are interested in a staff position, go to the forum, topic Staff Positions, and submit your name and what capacity you would be interested in. When there is a need for a staff position to be filled the owner will select with the input of current staff. Requirements: Administer to the server at least 10 hours a week and have Google Hangouts as an offline form of communication.

What powers do staff have?
  • Builders have the ability to create builds for the server. Assist players with build ideas but NEVER is creative used or WorldEdit used in this circumstance.
  • Moderators can mute people for breaking rules can also tp to players, check for inappropriate paintings, signs, and builds, mute, kick players, and much more.
  • Admins can do most everything except shutdown the server.
  • Owner and HeadAdmins can do everything.
How do I know who's a staff member in-game?

The tablist displays all staff members in-game and of those how many are on duty. Use /staff To look who is in-game and specifically who is on duty if you ever need a staff member's help!


You can use the command /back. Unfortunately it is not our problem if you forgot to set a home beforehand. You may contact an online Staff member to get yourself teleported back to your home.

How do I make money?

How do I appeal a Ban?

You don’t. Permanent bans are issued based on a lot of time checking, rechecking, and checking again to make 100% sure you were cheating! Nothing warrants any more of our time arguing. Too much wasted time has already been invested in making sure we are 100% right!

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