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For the invite do /discordsrv in-game



This bot handles the certification process for the Discord server.
Instructions on how to link your Minecraft account in Discord: In-game type /discordsrv link. - You will be given a code.

In Discord Message the "box-a-chat" bot by right clicking the bot then enter your code.

That is all there is to it and you will be rewarded in-game with 3,000 claim blocks.


This bot mainly handles the #music channel


This bot handles the giveaways in the #giveaway channel


First Joining


Where new and unverified players land when first connecting using the invite code.


Shows the Discord rules

Text Channels


Casual chat channel


Channel for ALL suggestions! Server, quests, ideas, events, etc.


Channel with a direct link to all in-game chat.

Voice Channels


A voice channel for 18 years of age or less or for any players wanting a PG-13 experience while talking.

Happy Hour

A voice channel for 18 years + (You must be 18 years old to join).

Music Channel

A voice channel with music!
To change the volume of the music right click on the Exterminator Bot.
See the commands to learn to navigate.




Get a list of all available commands


Lists the Box of Rocks Website





Remove every song from the queue


Make the bot join your voice channel


Make the bot leave your voice channel


Display the current playing track


Pause the current playing song


Start playing from the queue


Play the previous track


List the songs in the queue


Replay the current track


Resume playing the current song


Search for a song


Change the current track's position


Skip to the next song


Stop the current song


Change the volume of the player


Starts a vote to skip to the next song