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Grief Prevention stops grief before it starts.

Land claims are easy to manage.

New players get automatic claims around their first chest.
Players who ask for help in chat get an instant link to a demonstration video.
When a player appears to be building something outside his claim, he’s warned and shown his claim boundaries.
Claim boundaries are easy to see and don’t require any client-side mod installation.
Claim subdivision and granular permissions are available to organize towns and cities.
It’s IMPOSSIBLE to grief a land claim.

Pets and death loot are protected.

New player automatically receives 1000 claim blocks.
In-game players accrue 50 claim blocks per hour.
Claim blocks can be purchased for $20/block with the command /buyclaimblocks

Helpful Links

How to Claim by Red_Shaunia
How to Claim
How to SubDivide



Grants a player entry to your claim and use your bed


Deletes a claim


Deletes ALL your claims


Deletes a claim and all its subdivisions


Switches the shovel tool back to basic claims mode


Purchases additional claim blocks with the server


Creates a land claim centered at your current location


Gives a player a manual about claiming land


Grants a player access to your claim’s containers, crops, animals, bed, buttons, and levers


Resizes the land claim you’re standing in by pushing or pulling its boundary in the direction you’re facing


Sells your claim blocks for server box dollars


Switches the shovel tool to subdivision mode, used to subdivide your claim


Ejects you to nearby unclaimed land


Grants a player FULL access to your claim


Lists permissions for the claim you’re standing in


Revokes a player’s access to your claim