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SafariNet is a mob catcher plugin that allows your players to catch and release mobs in the world of Minecraft. It's a nice solution if you want to transport mobs through world.

Catching a mob is very simple: At first, you need to craft a safarinet. Then you perform a right-click on a mob, and the whole mob with all its data gets in the egg. Next time you're right-clicking, the mob would be released.

The whole entity data is saved including villager trades, chest content in mules, health, sheep color, etc.

Eggs can be used on spawners. To see a list of allowed spawner entities click here. Spawners

Mobs that cannot be captured are Players, Enderdragon, Shulker, and the Wither.

Reusable eggs are won via contests and giveaways.

Single Use Egg Recipe