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GUI Menus

The Box of Rocks Main Menu can be accessed using /help
It contains items that can be hovered over to get information. Some items in the menu may be right and left clicked to move to a different sub menu OR execute a link in chat. Due to some limitations of some plugins not all sub menus have a back button.

Main Menu


  • Rules - Creates a link
  • Player Avitar - Displays Time played, deaths, XP level, Date joined, ping, and balance.
  • Donator Ranks - Sub Menu
  • Kits - Sub Menu
  • Box Warps - Sub Menu
  • Player Warps - Sub Menu
  • Shops - Sub Menu
  • Jobs - Sub Menu
  • Jobs Shop - Sub Menu
  • Homes - Sub Menu
  • Voting - Sub Menu
  • Events - Sub Menu
  • Links - Sub Menu
  • Quests - Sub Menu
  • Ranks - Sub Menu