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In the above image, we can see that a Storage Container with 1K storage space is full with 7 types, and has more space for items. Storage containers are super easy to move around, which means you can just take the container out of the DSU and keep it elsewhere. (Note, only the DSU can manipulate the items inside the Storage Container).

Following in the spirit of AE, Storage Containers have a max storage, and a max data types amount. Each storage container can hold to 7 types.

The container input and output can be configured. Select the DSU configuration (the redstone on the bottom right), and above the compass there are two empty slots. The top is input and underneath that is output. Click one of the slots, then select what item you want filtered.

If the player breaks the DSU, the DSU will be lost. The Storage Containers will drop on the floor, and no data will be lost, however the DSU feature will be lost, and another Loader Wrench will be required to make another.


To get started you must craft the special workbench.

DSU Loader

In the special workbench, craft the loader. When clicking a double chest with the loader it will convert it to a deep storage unit.

Storage Cells

In the special workbench, craft storage cells to be used to craft storage containers.

Redstone DustNether QuartzRedstone DustNether QuartzGold IngotNether QuartzRedstone DustNether QuartzRedstone Dust1K Cell1K.jpg
Redstone DustIron IngotRedstone Dust1K CellGlass1K CellRedstone Dust1K CellRedstone Dust4K Cell4K.jpg
Glowstone DustDiamondGlowstone Dust4K CellGlass4K CellGlowstone Dust4K CellGlowstone Dust16K Cell16K.jpg
Glowstone DustDiamondGlowstone Dust16K CellGlass16K CellGlowstone Dust16K CellGlowstone Dust64K Cell64K.jpg
EmeraldDiamondEmerald64K CellGlass64K CellEmerald64K CellEmerald256K Cell256K.jpg
EmeraldDiamondEmerald256K CellGlass256K CellEmerald256K CellEmerald1M Cell1M.jpg

Storage Containers

In the special workbench, craft storage containers to place into deep storage units.

GlassRedstone DustGlassRedstone Dust1K CellRedstone DustIron IngotIron IngotIron Ingot1k Container1KCell.jpg
GlassRedstone DustGlassRedstone Dust4K CellRedstone DustIron IngotIron IngotIron Ingot4K Container4KCell.jpg
GlassRedstone DustGlassRedstone Dust16K CellRedstone DustGold IngotGold IngotGold Ingot16K Container16KCell.jpg
GlassRedstone DustGlassRedstone Dust64K CellRedstone DustGold IngotGold IngotGold Ingot64K Container64KCell.jpg
GlassRedstone DustGlassRedstone Dust256K CellRedstone DustDiamondDiamondDiamond256K Container264KCell.jpg
GlassRedstone DustGlassRedstone Dust1M CellRedstone DustDiamondDiamondDiamond1M Container1MCell.jpg


You may create a sorting system by using the sorter. You first need to create a sorter loader then link modules. Put down a double chest and click it with a sorter loader. This will convert the chest to a sorter. Then use a link module to click a chest where you want your inventory to reside. An example would be at your home base, you would click the DSU with your prismarine shards in it with the link module. Then go back to your guardian farm where you just set up your sorter. Place the link module inside the sorter. Now your hoppered drops into the guardian farm sorter will go directly to your prismarine chest at your home base.

To create a sorter create a Sorter Loader.

To create a Link Module.


Up to 5 containers may be placed into a deep storage unit.

Only vanilla items can be stored in containers.

Tools and Armour with full durability can be stored in containers.

Decorated banners placed in containers will be converted to vanilla banners.

Deep Storage Units are configurable by amount, ID, container, or alphabetical.

Deep Storage Units are always locked. If you want to add a friend, while inside the deep storage unit, click the redstone on the bottom right, then click the tripwire, enter in chat the friend name to give access.

There's a custom texture pack that will be prompted upon joining the server.